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The Healing SPA of San Lorenzo

The use of thermal waters for therapeutic purposes has its origins since Roman times, which especially in areas adjacent to the Gulf of Naples discovered the benefits that this type of water can give the human body. After a long cycle through which the rain water and the sea water is filtered by the underground strata warm the earth's crust towards the surface in basins few meters below the sea level. Ischia everywhere you can find hot springs digging up a few feet below sea level.
Several, however, have properties and water temperatures that can be found. Among the treatments with thermal mud, more than others, make the greatest gains, in fact in contact with the thermal water for at least 6 months, incamerano all its beneficial properties that issue then in contact with the body. The thermal baths, inhalations , aerosols and natural saunas also allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of our natural waters. All of these spa treatments and others, may be made in our spa (in agreement with the National Health Service) under careful medical supervision.
The area where the Spa is part of the hotel, called "Stufe di San Lorenzo" because of the fumaroles that are located here, has been known since 1580 when the local people went there to heal pains or ailments of the season. Later, in 1757, the court physician D'Aloisio conducted the first scientific studies and found that indeed the water from the source of St. Lawrence was able to have an impact far better than the other sources of the island. The "Antique Stoves San Lorenzo", were, then, "the only ones in the world" for the quality of their steam and to be the most complete spas of the island, because only here you can match or - as appropriate - alternate saunas or stoves to mud therapy.
And yet the unit lattice of San Lorenzo, built specifically so you can send the natural radioactive steam in three different parts of the body: shoulders, hips and knees individually, so you can make partial applications by exposing the diseased part to more long action of radioactive vapors.
With this device you care particularly the cervical and lumbar osteoarthritis. Temperature of the fumaroles of 48 C at the source - 42 C in the apparatus. The temperatures of the fumaroles consistently below 50 C makes it tolerable to patients the direct application of vapor and therefore greater therapeutic benefits of the radioactivity. After the stove is passed to the rest reaction, according to medical prescriptions, you switch to the mineral bath.
Also, for those who wish to combine the therapeutic benefits of spas, beauty treatments and massages, our wellness center offers a wide range of treatments and spa packages.
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Convention SNN - for Italian citizens

According to the rules in force on the citizen has the right to benefit from a course of treatment per year in the spa of your choice. It's just show up with a prescription from your family doctor, complete diagnosis and type of treatment to be performed (2 referred to a single diagnosis), proof of identity, social security number and health card.
Treatment under an agreement with the National Health Service and the most common diagnosis of DM 15/12/1994.
The hotel has an agreement with the National Health Service:
The binding ASL, issued by your doctor, to be delivered upon arrival at the hotel following the prescription for returning sludge "Cycle of therapeutic mud baths " diagnosis and " widespread arthritis or polyarthritis or equivalent. With the busy you do not pay the medical examination, sludge and therapeutic baths. Therapeutic Mud Baths 12 and 12.
The challenging ASL, issued by your doctor, to be delivered upon arrival at the hotel bringing the following prescription for inhalations and aerosol "Cycle inhalations and aerosol" diagnosis and "Sinusitis or rhinosinusitis or equivalent". With the "busy" you do not pay the medical examination. 12 and 12 Inhalation Aerosol.
- € 60.00 if not exempt.
- € 8.10 if over the age of 65 years and family income of less than ? 36,000.
- € 8.10 if over 60 years old and a pensioner to a minimum with family income of less than ? 11,000.
- € 8.10 - employment and family income of less than ? 11,000.
- € 8.10 if a pensioner or disability due to social service.
The ticket may be subject to change due to changes imposed by Italian law.