All the natural benefits of our thermal waters, a wellbeing ritual that dates back to its history in antiquity.

Since Roman times, the entire Gulf of Naples has been famous for its air quality, fertile land and its waters. And Ischia, in particular, has always been abundant in its hot springs. Everybody can enjoy its beneficial effects of this gift from Mother Nature, and the thermal centre adjoining the Hotel San Lorenzo is recognized by the Italian National Health Service.

The area on which the hotel’s adjoining Thermal Complex sits, dubbed "Stufe di San Lorenzo" - the “Stoves of San Lorenzo” - on account of the fumaroles found there, has been famous since 1580 when the local populace would go there to cure their aches and pains or to stave off seasonal illnesses. Scientific studies have shown that the water from the San Lorenzo hot spring have had significantly better effects relative to the island’s other hot springs. The ancient Stufe di San Lorenzo are globally unique for the quality of their steam and for being the most complete island thermal complex because they link the saunas (or stoves) to mud baths.

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Thermal Grottos: 

enveloped in a warm embrace and benefit of steam.

The purifying and detoxifying effect, the benefits on the respiratory system, muscle relaxation, are down to the hot and humid climate within the grottos. Treatments are always personalized, with stays in the grotto of up to 15 minutes as agreed by the doctor, to rediscover the right balance and wellbeing with the highest safety.

La Grata di San Lorenzo


the natural properties of radio-emanant vapour.

Shoulders, pelvis and knees – areas that the Grata di San Lorenzo makes it possible to target individually, to amplify the curative power of this machine that over time has confirmed its worth and which the San Lorenzo Thermal Baths holds. Suitable for alleviating cervical and lumbar arthrosis, it has the general health effect gained from the natural thermal steam bath.

Wellbeing Centre


Getaways are the time to dedicate yourself to self-care in all respects. Our wellbeing centre is the place for guests to unwind and be pampered - with beauty treatments, massages and a world of possibilities for highlighting the beauty that is in every one of us.


National Health Service Recognition

Our thermal baths come under the category of National Health System-recognized centres. In accordance with the regulations in force, citizens have the right to a cycle of treatment once a year within their chosen thermal site. All that is required is to come along with the prescription from your GP, with diagnosis and the treatment type to be carried out (two referring to a single diagnosis), ID, fiscal code and health booklet.


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